Alcohol Rehab Center Orange County Ca

Alcohol Rehab Center Orange County Ca

We believe that dealing with alcoholism is a life-changing and challenging journey that every victim of alcohol addiction should undertake.  At Huntington Beach Detox, we invite you to our alcohol rehab center in Orange County, CA, to begin your journey today!

Is my addiction bad enough?

If you’re experiencing consistent cravings, spend a lot of time and money getting the alcohol you need, and seem to have lost interest in everything else, your addiction is already critical. The reason why only approximately 10% of the victims get the treatment they need is that they fail to recognize the signs of the disorder. Those who do, resort to denial to avoid facing the truth.

If you show symptoms associated with advanced stages of addiction, you need professional assistance fast. The only way to know where you stand is by contacting one of our experts as soon as possible. We will walk you through a screening process, involving a physiological examination, along with filling a questionnaire, which will tell us everything we need to know about your condition.

Should I go to rehab?

Yes, you should. The rehabilitation treatment is your only chance of getting your life back. Substance addiction, and especially alcoholism, is a chronic and incremental disorder. It will aggravate with time, and it will return as soon as you lose sight of your goals, even after a successful detox. For that reason, we believe it takes more than medical detoxification to achieve long-term sobriety.

At our alcohol rehab center in Orange County, CA, we perform in-depth detox and rehabilitation by using a multi-disciplinary approach. Rather than treating the symptoms, we focus on addressing the causes that have triggered the disorder. Our rehab treatment features extensive behavioral and experiential therapies as part of an exhaustive recovery strategy.

How can rehab help?

The rehabilitation treatment comprises of a multitude of clinical procedures, each with its own purpose and benefits, such as:

  • Targeted medical detox for cleansing and stabilizing the organism
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for addressing the relationship between your thoughts and feelings
  • Group therapy for stress reduction, relapse prevention, and emotional stabilization
  • Case Management as part of the aftercare strategy
  • Family Therapy, aiming to repair the relationships between family members
  • Healing therapy (music, art, animal-assisted sessions, etc.) for spiritual growth, etc.

We also offer a multitude of amenities to make your stay at our center more comfortable and serene. You will have access to a spa-like pool, private rooms, and yoga classes to help you relax.

Will insurance cover an alcohol rehab center?

We accept a lot of private insurance plans, and we also have an online form you can fill to check your eligibility. At our alcohol rehab center in Orange County, CA, you will receive comprehensive medical assistance, so make sure to contact us soon. Don’t wait for your condition to worsen any further!

Come online, at Huntington Beach Detox, verify your insurance coverage, and call us for any additional clarifications! Our expert will guide you through the process of making an appointment today!

Alcohol Rehab Center Orange County Ca

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alcohol detox center orange county

If you have developed a form of alcoholism, don’t attempt any type of self-treatment! Contact us, at Huntington Beach Detox, and come to our alcohol detox center in Orange County for a thorough screening and rehab planning!

How can I tell if I am an alcoholic?

First, you should ask yourself the reasons why you’re drinking. If you have nothing besides “I enjoy doing it, and I need it to feel better,” that could be a telltale sign. Secondly, check to see if you experience any withdrawal symptoms. Their type and severity will speak volumes about your current situation.

Most people don’t even realize that they’ve fallen victim to alcohol addiction, which makes the disease that much more dangerous. For your safety, you should resort to serious introspection right now! Be honest with yourself, admit the problem, and seek help immediately! The condition will only worsen with time, and there will come a moment when you will regret not having acted sooner.

Is alcoholism treatable?

Yes, in the right setting, and under the supervision of experienced clinicians and therapy experts. We advise you to avoid attempting to deal with the problem yourself! Many victims of addiction try homemade detox procedures that only make things worse. You cannot defeat the disorder on your own, due to its subversive and deceiving nature. You will relapse each time, which will further break your spirit and confidence of ever finding redemption.

Let us deal with the problem fast and effectively! At our alcohol detox center in Orange County, we offer personalized detox and recovery, along with a variety of behavioral and experiential therapies. During the inpatient program, you will learn to control your cravings, trust yourself more, and acquire the mentality of a warrior. We will not only support you in defeating addiction but teach you how to restore your life and become a better person along the way as well.

What should I expect in rehab?

You should expect a team of experienced, friendly, and compassionate experts, prepared to assist and support you throughout the recovery treatment. We realize that the thought of exposing your problems to other people is a scary concept, but it shouldn’t be. We have seen numerous cases similar to yours, and we have many people battling their demons at our centers as we speak.

They have unique stories to tell and, just like you, they too strive to achieve better lives for them and their families. Visit us today, meet the family, and we guarantee that you will fit right in. The sooner you begin the treatment, the faster the results will show and the easier the process!

Our alcohol detox center in Orange County welcomes you in a peaceful and thriving community, where you will socialize with others, recover, and rediscover yourself. The first step towards defeating alcoholism is accepting our help. Contact us, at Huntington Beach Detox, and share your problems with us! We will find ways to help you, so long as you are willing to help yourself first.

alcohol rehab orange county ca

If you are desperate about finding a solution for your alcohol problem, you have come to the right place. At Huntington Beach Detox, we offer comprehensive alcohol rehab in Orange County, CA, that will change your life entirely.

Is alcoholism a disease or a choice?

An honest answer would be “It is both.” Alcohol addiction begins as a choice, but it will quickly progress to a chronic disease with vast implications long-term. People start drinking for many reasons, including socializing with others, dealing with daily stress, as a means of coping with emotional trauma, etc. Others do it just because it makes them feel good. No matter the reason, nobody plans on becoming addicted to alcohol.

The moment addiction sets in, your health status will go downhill from there. Since it is chronic in nature, alcohol addiction poses a high risk of relapse. It’s at that point where you will no longer have a choice in the matter. You can only effectively deal with the disorder by joining a professional rehab treatment.

How do you treat an alcoholic?

The treatment we’re using comprises of many clinical procedures and experiential therapies, including medical detox, behavioral therapies, family support, group counseling, etc. Unlike traditional rehab facilities, we focus on addressing the roots of the disorder itself. Rather than treating the symptoms, we treat the causes, providing our patients with the tools to avoid the relapse and live a healthy, happy life.

Although alcoholism has no cure, since it is a chronic illness, we can open the door to a life of sobriety and personal development. Our alcohol rehab in Orange County, CA, promotes notions like honesty, personal responsibility, accountability, and confidence. The best treatment against substance addiction is teaching the victims to take control of their lives once more.

Does rehab work?

All studies show that the rehabilitation treatment, when performed in a high-end facility, is the patient’s best chance of overcoming addiction. Alcoholism is notoriously difficult to combat, which is why you need all the help you can get. We advise you to join the rehab today before your condition worsens any further, and the recovery process will be more comfortable and effective!

At our center, our primary concern revolves around stabilizing your mental functioning and preventing the long-term relapse. In many situations, patients relapse after completing the treatment, sometimes years later. To avoid that, we offer extensive educational support, along with a multitude of life-defining behavioral therapies. You will arrive at our center as a broken individual, and leave free, healthy, and in total control of your life.

How bad is my alcoholism?

If you’re asking yourself this question, it is probably pretty bad already. Alcoholism goes through several stages and, depending on the symptoms the recovery treatment will vary in length and intensity. To find out where you stand, make an appointment today, and come in for a screening!

At Huntington Beach Detox, we offer alcohol rehab in Orange County, CA, to everyone in need of urgent help. We can turn your life around; you only need the courage to make the call.