Orange County Ca Alcohol Rehab Center

Orange County Ca Alcohol Rehab Center

Alcohol is an addiction that is characterized by both a physical and mental dependence upon alcohol.  Some people can become addicted to alcohol more easily than others. By the time you realize that you are drinking too much you are likely already addicted. It can be difficult to try to overcome your addiction on your own and few people succeed without help. You need professional help from a reputable Orange County, CA alcohol rehab center.

What Happens At an Alcohol Rehab Center?

An Orange County, CA alcohol rehab center assists people with overcoming their addiction to alcohol.  Today’s treatment programs are designed around your individual needs and the treatments that are most likely to be successful in your situation. At Huntington Beach Detox we take a holistic approach to alcohol rehab. We provide a wide range of therapies that are all apt to help replace negative behaviors with new, healthy ones.

The first step at the rehab center is detox. Detox is the period of time that it takes your body to withdraw from the effects of alcohol. Alcohol can impact all of our cells and therefore it can take a week or more for withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms can range from minor to severe and may include headaches, nausea and vomiting, tremors and more. We have a medical team that will oversee your detox and assist you in every way possible including the use of medical detox when needed.

Do I Need to Detox?

Detox is necessary when you suffer from a number of signs that you have an addiction to alcohol. Some of these symptoms include craving alcohol, choosing alcohol over hobbies or friends, putting yourself in situations where alcohol is readily available, drinking more than you intended and trying to cut down on alcohol consumption but being unable to do so. If you have some of these signs you may be addicted to alcohol and need to seek help.

Detox is easier to accomplish with professional help at an Orange County, CA alcohol rehab center. Sometimes friends or family members realize that you have a problem before you admit it to yourself. Rest assured that the professional staff is here to assist you and will not judge you. The team understands that alcoholism is a medical condition that is out of your immediate control. We will help guide you through detox and assist you through the process so you can be free from alcohol use. You will soon be able to return home and enjoy a happy and healthy life that is free from alcohol addiction.

Huntington Beach Detox is a leading Orange County, CA alcohol rehab center. We offer inpatient and detox services to help you overcome your addiction. Our team is comprised of doctors, nurses, psychologists, therapists and others who have extensive training and experience working with alcohol detox. Contact our rehab center to learn more about our excellent services and to get the help you need to get through this difficult period of time.


Orange County Ca Alcohol Rehab Center

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dual diagnosis treatment in orange county ca

If you are looking for dual diagnosis treatment in Orange County CA, either for you or someone you care about, contact Huntington Beach Detox today. We are here to help people within our community get clean from drugs and alcohol, and we offer the state's leading medical detox and dual diagnosis treatment option. We provide the tools needed for people with substance abuse problems to get clean and stay clean.

Best Dual Diagnosis Rehab in Orange County

If you're looking for the best rehab in Orange County, don't let our name fool you. Huntington Beach Detox is more than a mere detox center, although we do offer medically supervised detox from drugs and alcohol. Moreover, Huntington Beach Detox is a full-fledged addiction treatment center offering inpatient and outpatient services from dual diagnosis patients.

One of the things that make Huntington Beach Detox stand out from other rehabs in California is our commitment and ability to provide comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment. Surely, not detox or rehab patient we treat will need dual diagnosis treatment in Orange County CA. Still, varying reports indicate that between 62-76% of all people who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction also suffer from at least one underlying mental health condition. Addiction plus mental health problem(s) equals dual diagnosis.

How to Kow if You Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The problem with dual diagnosis cases is that they often remain masked to healthcare and addiction treatment professionals. How so? Let's say a person has become alcohol-dependent. Naturally, a person's attitudes and behaviors will change immensely upon becoming physically addicted to a toxic substance. For example, they may experience dramatic mood swings and display symptoms of a poor state of mental and emotional health that they never had before.

Almost every time, the behaviors are contributed to substance abuse, and few will ever pause to wonder if there may be an underlying condition contributing to the problem and keeping the individual in a vicious cycle of dependency.

What's more; an underlying condition or dual diagnosis might spur the substance abuse/dependency, or the substance abuse/dependency may cause the disease.

If you suspect that you or your loved one may have a dual diagnosis condition, it is important to seek treatment at a facility that is designed to accommodate the unique needs of such patients.

How to Treat Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis cases must be diagnosed and treated properly. Standard or traditional addiction treatment alone will not suffice for dual diagnosis patients. With a dual diagnosis, it is vanity to treat the addiction without treating the mental health issue. Rather both must be treated simultaneously.

Unfortunately, few drug treatment centers have licensed and qualified staff, training, and facilities to administer meaningful dual diagnosis treatment like Hunting Beach Detox does. At Huntington Beach Detox, we have the resources and the expertise to diagnose and treat dual diagnosis conditions. From holistic therapies to medication therapy, we can diagnose, treat and prescribe as needed for each patient.




orange county drug detox

Drug addiction is a difficult situation that affects both the body and the mind. It can be extremely difficult to stop your drug addiction by yourself. That is because your body craves the substance making it hard to go through detox. The detox process is how your body eliminates the toxins from the drugs that are located throughout your body. Our Orange County drug detox facility offers rehabilitation and medical detox with assistance from our team of professionals.

What is Medical Detox?

Medical detox is detoxification using medical assistance. The use of medications specifically designed for this function can help reduce some of the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox is not necessary for everyone. If you are a candidate for medical detox you will have access to medical professional on a 24/7 basis. We have a team of skilled physicians and nurses at our Orange County drug detox who will administer the necessary medications. They will also monitor your condition to make sure that you safely withdraw from the addicted substance.

Detoxification is the first step in the rehabilitation process. You will notice some withdrawal symptoms as your body rids itself of the drugs. The type and severity of symptoms will vary based on your particular substance abuse details such as the drug type and amount of drugs that you regularly took. Detox can last a period of time ranging from about 5 days to several weeks. During that time you will receive the care you need at our Orange County drug detox facility.

What is Holistic Addiction Therapy?

Our Orange County drug detox center offers a variety of holistic addiction therapies. Holistic therapy is designed to treat the entire person and not just the addiction. There are a variety of different therapies that may be part of your treatment plan. Some of our available treatments include individual and group therapy, family therapy, spiritual care, art and music therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, spiritual care, exercise and recreation therapy, yoga therapy and nutrition therapy. Our team of experts is here to provide you with the types of treatments that are most likely to be successful.

Following physical detox you will be able to concentrate on a selection of therapy treatments. Each treatment program is uniquely designed for you based on your specific needs and individual circumstances. It is important to address all of the underlying issues that contributed to your addiction so you can avoid future relapse. The goal of a detox and rehab program is to teach you new ways to deal with situations so you can make better and healthier choices.

Huntington Beach Detox is a high quality rehab and detox facility that provides the best in medical detox, inpatient treatment and substance abuse therapies to give you the help you need on your road to drug abuse recovery. We have a team of professionals including doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and case managers to assist you every step of the way. Contact our facility today to learn how we can help you overcome your addiction.