Alcohol Detox

An alcohol addiction can be a difficult thing to overcome. The first step in getting help with alcohol addiction is to detox safely at a medical detox center. Our Team at Huntington Beach Detox in Orange County consists of experienced, and licensed medical doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, and therapists who are highly qualified at treating alcohol addiction.

Alcohol abuse can be a debilitating illness that steals your time and your joy. People who suffer from alcohol-use disorder often experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, and fear. Their jobs and their families could be on the line if they don’t get the help they need.

However, do not be discouraged. Millions of people have overcome alcohol addiction. Our caring and compassionate staff at Huntington Beach Detox is ready to help you on your road to recovery.

Do I Need Alcohol Detox?

If you have become physically dependent or addicted to alcohol, it is important that you complete an alcohol detox program before starting a program at an inpatient treatment program. Quitting alcohol on your own is extremely dangerous and in some instances, it can cause seizures, delirium triggers, and even death.

If you abruptly stop drinking alcohol after consistent abuse, you can experience severe withdrawal symptoms. It is not recommended to attempt an alcohol detox at home if you are a daily drinker or dependent on alcohol. The best path is to enroll in a medically-assisted detox so you can be safe and comfortable during the alcohol detox process.

Why Choose Medically-Assisted Detox?

Medical Detox

A medically-assisted alcohol detox is a detoxification process in which you are monitored 24/7 by a qualified and experienced medical team. You are also given medications to help ease the experience of withdrawal. At Huntington Beach Detox in Orange County, our nurses and doctors will be able to monitor your alcohol detox and ensure your vitals are stable. You are given the opportunity to detox in a safe environment where you will feel comfortable. This allows your body and mind the appropriate amount of time to heal from your alcohol dependency.

All of our alcohol detox programs at Huntington Beach Detox are tailored to the individual person. Every person has a unique body chemistry, medical make-up, and clinical history. Our medical staff creates individualized detox programs and detox services based on your specific needs.

You will not regret choosing to detox from alcohol in a safe, luxurious environment. Any medical professional will always recommend that you utilize a medically-assisted alcohol detox if you are dependent on alcohol. They know the dangers that come from choosing to quit cold turkey or trying to detox at home.

In additional to the medical detox, you will also have the chance to participate in individual, group, and family therapy. We also have a wide variety of amenities at our Huntington Beach Detox center that allow you to recover in comfort and peace.

Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

If you suddenly stop drinking alcohol, after becoming dependent on it, you will likely experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Some of these symptoms can be severe and life-threatening, while some of the symptoms can just be uncomfortable. The physical symptoms may be less severe, depending on your alcohol abuse history, your medical make-up, your body composition, how long you’ve been drinking, and if you are abusing any other substances.

Without an alcohol detox at Huntington Beach Detox in Orange County, you may experience some of the following symptoms. The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal typically peak within 24-72 hours of quitting, but it may vary depending on your individual circumstances.

Common Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms



Loss Of Appetite


Rapid Heart Rate






Delirium Trimmers


Difficulty Sleeping






Cloudy Thoughts




Nausea And Vomiting


Alcohol Cravings


The medical team at Huntington Beach Detox will ensure your alcohol detox is as safe and comfortable as possible. We will be there with you 24/7 as you go through your alcohol detox. We will manage your physical symptoms and prescribe medications that will help to reduce the effects of withdrawal.

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