Prescription Drug Detox Program

Drug abuse and addiction are issues that we as a society fight against on a daily basis. It is not an easy battle, as addiction and substance abuse remain serious problems. However, many people misunderstand the true nature of the drugs they fight against. Street drugs such as heroin and cocaine, while common, are not the only dangerous substances out there.

Prescription drugs can come with a high potential for abuse and be as addictive and dangerous as street drugs. For this reason, anyone dealing with an addiction to prescribed medications will need a prescription drug detox program.

The Necessities of a Prescription Drug Detox Program

Man opening pill bottle who needs a prescription drug detoxPrescription drug addiction is, unfortunately, an unheard of issue for many Americans. Too many people assume that because a doctor prescribes a medication, it is therefore completely safe and incapable of harm. For most prescription drugs, this is not the case at all. Some are relatively safe, while others can cause addiction issues that rival the effects of street drugs.

Anytime you are prescribed a drug by your doctor, one of the best things you can do is ask questions about it. Discuss the recommended dosage and how to ensure that you are safe and responsible with your medication. Your doctor can help to explain the risks of any prescription you have. This can help you understand that prescription drug detox is unfortunately necessary for many situations. Your doctor can also help you with ways to properly dispose of unused medications.

What Does a Prescription Drug Detox Treat?

When it comes to prescription drug detox and abuse, the exact number of substances that people can potentially abuse is vast. It also continues to grow as science makes newer, better, and stronger drugs. One of the most commonly abused drugs is prescription opioids and opiates. These are substances that we derive from the poppy plant which act similar to heroin. Despite their man-made origins, these drugs are highly addictive. Commonly abused prescription drugs also include:

Each of these substances has legitimate uses for specific medical purposes. However, when taken not as prescribed or by people who do not need them, they can have unintended effects or consequences that require prescription drug detox. Amphetamines are commonly used for ADHD. Abusers take it for increased energy and alertness, but it leads to severe addiction and significant health effects.

Benzodiazepines are prescribed for anxiety. When taken by others, it causes relaxation and loss of coordination. Benzos can create potentially deadly withdrawals for those addicted. Barbituates are a similar form of drug to benzos; they are used for sleep disorders and as a general sedative. When abused, they can become one of the only ways users can sleep.

Cough medicine is another common, easily accessible drug, which users abuse for its unintended side effects. Typically used to reduce congestion from common illnesses, cough medicine contains DXM which acts like a dissociative or hallucinogen of sorts. Sleeping pills, when abused, will also create a similar sedated effect in users as well.

You Need the Prescription Drug Detox Program at Huntington Beach

If you or someone you know is struggling with prescription drug abuse, then take action immediately! Make no mistake, abusing prescription drugs is not safe and can lead to addiction and even a deadly overdose. Enrolling in prescription drug detox center is the only real way to guarantee a safe and comfortable detox. Huntington Beach Detox provides every patient with services that are able to treat a full slate of prescription drug addictions. Call us today at [DirectNumber] to learn more and to enroll in our program today!